NDN Launches a New Community of Leaders for a New and Changing World

America is changing. So are its politics.  New voters have entered the electorate.  New tools are changing the way we connect, and the way we do just about everything else in our lives.  New challenges – from a transforming Arab world, to the rise of China, to the way our economy is evolving – make navigating Washington and governing today very different from times past. To help our community understand and navigate these changes, NDN is launching an exciting new program called The Study Group.

The Study Group is not an endless string of happy hours or a series of stale symposiums. It is a community dedicated to learning and discussing the big changes going on in the world today, in intimate settings that empower our members in tackle these issues in their own careers.

Membership in The Study Group is $1,000 annually.  SG Members will be invited to participate in private, monthly events that center on real conversations with leading thinkers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, and government officials who are blazing trails through this new world.  SG Members will also have a voice in our programming and will be encouraged to help us identify future speakers and participants that speak to their unique interests.

Most of our events will be private lunches, but we also expect to host three or four receptions and parties each year.

You can become a member of NDN’s Study Group today by visiting NDN, by making a credit card donation of $1,000.  Reserve your membership today – and you will start receiving event invitations right away.   Our new program kicked off in January and  our first speakers are already booked.

– Simon Rosenberg

President and Founder, NDN

12 February 2013